Membership to our

"DetailTEK VIP Club"

is $49 for one car per year

As a Member you get:

25% off your service bill today and anytime within 365 days

 add ons, specialty services and gift certificates also get 25% off

Add another car for a $25 fee

Complementary $55 Gift Certificate on your Birthday
Roadside Assistant with your membership

Joint now to start saving today!

service example


members price

Wash and Wax



Interior Detail



Exterior Clay, Polishing and Wax



Complete detail*

best deal



Terms and conditions:

1-  DetailTEK service disclaimer apply (

2-   You must buy a $49 membership to save on your detail service.

3-   Membership fees are not refundable.

4-   During your membership you can add as many cars as you would like for a fee of $25 each; however their benefits end at the end of your initial membership purchase.

5-   As a thank you gift we’ll issue a $55 Gift Certificate on your Birthday.

6-  25%off based on regular (posted) prices

7-   Road assistant for towing, flat tire, battery jumps and lock out services are provided by AutoPlus Rescue Assurance Program

8-  One discount at the time; no double discounts